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Queen Mary School of Law recognised for its public engagement successes

Dr Violeta Moreno-Lax, The Legal Advice Centre and Dr Shazia Choudhry were recognised at the 2019 QMUL Engagement and Enterprise Awards.

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Queen Mary School of Law staff and initiatives were honoured in this year’s Queen Mary Engagement and Enterprise Awards. These awards recognise outstanding achievement in public engagement, academic enterprise, student enterprise and public relations.

Dr Violeta Moreno-Lax received the Interact Award for her important work on the Search and Rescue Observatory for the Mediterranean (SAROBMED). This initiative is an international, multi-disciplinary consortium of independent researchers, civil society groups, and other organisations using a ‘research-in-action’ model to document and denounce human rights violations covering the entire cycle ‘from the water to the courtroom’.

The Legal Advice Centre won the Garriot Award for Leadership in Public Engagement, which reflects the extensive work they have done in pushing forward the public engagement agenda, and developing others around them. The LAC also won the President and Principal Excellence Prize at the QMUL Education Excellence Awards 2019 earlier this year.

Dr Shazia Choudhry was also shortlisted for the Influence Award for her vital work raising awareness for the human rights of victims of domestic abuse in the Family Courts. This was a joint empirical research project with Women’s Aid. Read more about the project.



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