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European activists fight back against ‘criminalisation’ of aid for migrants and refugees


More and more people are being arrested across Europe for helping migrants and refugees. Now, civil society groups are fighting back against the 17-year-old EU policy they say lies at the root of what activists and NGOs have dubbed the “criminalisation of solidarity”.

Violeta Moreno-Lax, Lecturer in Law at Queen Mary and legal advisor to the Global Legal Action Network, an international team of lawyers that have brought a recent case, said: “It’s absolutely inexplicable how the Greek authorities dared… to crack down on [Team Humanity] the way they did… The organisation has been released of every charge possible on the domestic level, but [only]… after being put through an ordeal that lasted for more than [two] years and having endured a number of human rights violations [along] the way.”

Read the full article on The New Humanitarian here.



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