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School of Law

VICE speaks to Amber Marks about Catalonia’s Ground-Breaking New Weed Law


In July 2017, the region of Catalonia in north-east Spain passed a law enabling a network of co-operatives to legally oversee the legal use, distribution and cultivation of cannabis. Amber Marks, Lecturer in Caw at Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) and has published a paper on the legal minutiae around Spanish cannabis clubs, said: “The Catalan law is the first to explicitly treat personal consumption and regulated social supply as one and the same. It is the first to justify the legislation as a means of protecting consumer rights and the constitutional rights to equality, personal autonomy, and development of the personality. The law makes specific provision for the transportation of cannabis cultivated, for its packaging and hygienic storage and for the testing of the product.” Read the full interview.

  • Amber Marks is also Co-Director of QMUL's Criminal Justice Centre (CJC).



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