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Professor Geraldine van Bueren to chair roundtable discussion on Constraint of Sovereign Power


Geraldine van Bueren, Professor of International Human Rights Law and Co-Director of the Human Rights Collegium at Queen Mary University of London, will chair a roundtable on the Constraint of Sovereign Power at a seminar on the impact of Magna Carta and the D├ęclaration des Droits don e l'Homme et du Citoyen on our societies throughout history. The seminar will take place on 11 June at Lancaster House, London.

The event is co-organised by the Franco-British Council, the Franco-British Lawyers' Society and the Franco-British Connections, with the support of the French Embassy in the United Kingdom and the Foreign & Commonwealth Office. The aim of the organisers is to promote a discussion of the significance of these texts amongst a multi-disciplinary audience.



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