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Professor Geraldine Van Bueren QC to speak at The Future of Human Rights in the UK after the next election


Professor Geraldine Van Bueren QC is to speak at ‘The Future of Human Rights in the UK: Proposals and Prospects’ seminar, hosted by Doughty Street Chambers on 31 March 2015.

'The outcome of the Westminster election in May 2015 will have consequences for the future protection and promotion of human rights in the UK. At a time when significant constitutional change is central to political discussions, with potential implications for everyone, Doughty Street Chambers is hosting a panel discussion to examine current proposals, and explore future prospects. At this event, the proposals from a wide range of political parties will be summarised and assessed for their contribution to ensuring respect for human rights after the next election.'

Geraldine Van Bueren QC is Professor of International Human Rights Law and Co-Director of the Human Rights Collegium at Queen Mary University of London.



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