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School of Law

Professor Eric Heinze speaks at Experiencing the Law: Asylum Seekers, Refugees and Human Rights


Eric Heinze, Professor of Law and Humanities at Queen Mary University of London, will speak on 'How Shall We Slice Up the Freedom Pie? Hate Speech and the Refugee Crisis' at the 'Experiencing the Law: Asylum Seekers, Refugees and Human Rights' conference at King's College London on 10 December.

This conference will place the UK’s dilemma over immigration in the wider context, drawing on the experiences and insights of practitioners, lawyers, journalists and activists to look beyond the rhetoric, and to try to identify the core issues amongst the sea of competing demands. Panels of speakers, and two Round Table discussions will work to identify the immediate issues, how (and whether) the UN could assume leadership, how best to develop a more informed media-based understanding of the actual dimensions to the UK’s ‘problem’.



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