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Professor Cotterrell and Dr Del Mar present at conference for the launch of the National University of Singapore Centre for Legal Theory


Professor Roger Cotterrell, Anniversary Professor of Legal Theory, and Dr Maksymilian Del Mar, Senior Lecturer in Law and Philosophy at Queen Mary University of London, spoke at a conference entitled 'In Pursuit of Pluralist Jurisprudence' at the National University of Singapore (NUS), 5-6 February.

The conference was the international launch of the NUS Centre for Legal Theory and addressed the 'significant gap surrounding questions of jurisprudicial methodology, purpose and scope', noting that 'existing jurisprudential analyses of law beyond the state have focused upon substantive questions surrounding the institutional, normative and systemic character of non-state law'.

Professor Cotterrell gave a presentation entitled 'Do Lawyers Need a Theory of Legal Pluralism?' and Dr Del Mar spoke on 'The Technique of Relational Legal Pluralism: Modes and Devices of Resourceful Restraint'.



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