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LLM in Medical Law students chosen to write for BioNews


Two LLM students from Queen Mary University of London specialising in Medical law were chosen to write for the BioNews weekly newsletter.

Patricia Cassidy and Chee Hoe Low, LLM in Medical Law students at QML, received training in the art of news writing from BioNews. They are set to contribute to the newsletter publication on a weekly basis, for a period of nine weeks. Both students were chosen under the writing scheme run by the Progress Educational Trust (PET). PET is a charitable body that provide news and commentary on genetics, assisted conception, embryo/stem cell research and related areas. BioNews is PET's flagship newsletter publications, read by 18,000 people worldwide.

QML is one of the only two universities that have the opportunity to participate in the writing scheme. The aim of the scheme is to give students a wider exposure to the area of genetics and related areas, both from a legal and social perspective.

Read the articles on the BioNews website:



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