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Professor Spyros Maniatis in the FT: Patent wars fuel growth of jobs in IP Law


“As patent law courts have become a key corporate battle ground, lawyers who specialise in the field of intellectual property (IP) are in high demand” reports the Financial Times. Queen Mary’s Centre for Commercial Law Studies offers both an LLM in IP law and an MSc in the Management of IP. Professor Spyros Maniatis explains that many MSc students are scientists looking at becoming patent agents, and that the LLM attracts “students who want to learn the specialist language of IP law”. “A growing number of EU students want to create a niche for themselves to get into large continental law firms,” he says. The article also mentions qLegal, created by CCLS for students to provide pro bono advice to start-up companies, under the guidance of law professionals and professors. Read the full article on the Financial Times (italics) website (paywall applies). 

This year, the CCLS established qLegal, where Queen Mary students provide pro bono legal advice to tech start-up companies and entrepreneurs, under the guidance of law firm professionals and professors. The focus will be primarily on companies in the IT sector, for whom IP rights are critically important.

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