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European Banking Union Conference on 22 October


Professor Rosa Lastra, with Harald Benink (Tilburg University) and Charles Goodhart (FMG, LSE) is co-organising the European Banking Union Conference to be held on 22 October 2012 at the London School of Economics. Dr Costanza Russo, Leverhulme Lecturer in Banking Law at Queen Mary is participating in the conference.

The European Commission published its “Roadmap towards a Banking Union' on 12 September 2012. As noted by the Commission, over the past four years, the EU has responded decisively to the economic and financial crisis but further steps are needed.

During the past few years the European Commission has already been working on an ambitious programme for completion of the single market. Before the end of 2012 the aim is that the European Council and European Parliament reach agreement on:

  • Stronger prudential requirements for banks, the so-called Capital Requirements Directive 4 (CRD4), implementing the Basel 3 global standards on bank capital and liquidity.
  • A directive on deposit guarantee schemes involving a harmonisation and simplification of protected deposits, faster pay-outs and improved financing, notably through the ex-ante funding of deposit guarantee schemes.
  • A directive on bank recovery and resolution tools for banks in crisis.

The EU legislation in the three areas listed above will constitute a common foundation across the single market on which the banking union is built. A key element of this banking union will be the establishment of a single supervisory mechanism in which the European Central Bank will play a pivotal role.

The conference will feature presentations on all four main areas of the European Banking Union, i.e., the single supervisory mechanism, prudential requirements, deposit guarantee schemes, and recovery and resolution tools.

The FMG gratefully acknowledges the generous support from the International Centre for Financial Regulation.




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