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School of Law

A workshop on Legal Interpretation with Duncan Kennedy

Date: 3 November 2022

This event was a collaboration between PoDeS (University of Buenos Aires) and the CLSGC.

Duncan Kennedy is one of the most influential legal thinkers of the last few decades. His work on legal interpretation, in particular, has shed light and changed how we understand the law and what judges do when they apply it to specific cases. In this online workshop, Professor Kennedy presented some of his ideas by rereading one of his articles on the subject, and discussants will comment on this work and its contribution to legal scholarship.

Keynote Speaker:

  • Duncan Kennedy (Harvard)


  • Alexis Alvarez-Nakagawa (Queen Mary)
  • Mariana Prandini Fraga Assis (Federal University of Goiás, Brazil)
  • Illan Rua Wall (Warwick)
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