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Webinar: The Implications of Xi Jinping’s New Era for Global Human Rights

27 March 2020

EUPLANT and the Centre for European and International Legal Affairs (CEILA) are hosted a special webinar on The Implications of Xi Jinping’s New Era for Global Human Rights with Professor Eva Pils (King's College London).

Listen to the webinar

Listen to the webinar with Professor Pils.


In Xi Jinping’s ‘New Era,’ the role and visibility of the Chinese Communist Party has been enhanced, while the role of law in limiting public power has been reduced. Drawing on examples from my engagement with human rights defence in and about China, I argue that the enhancement of authoritarian governance norms and practices presents a challenge to global human rights norms and practices set up on the basis of liberal legal-political principles. As they occur in an age of wider ‘authoritarian resurgence’ and attacks on the international rule of law, the New Order Party-State’s challenges to international human rights and the international rule of law may contribute to the emergence of a global dual order.

Speaker Bio

Eva Pils is Professor of Law at King’s College London. She studied law, philosophy and sinology in Heidelberg, London and Beijing and holds a PhD in law from University College London. Her most recent book, Human rights in China: a social practice in the shadows of authoritarianism, was published in 2018. Before joining King’s in 2014, Eva was an associate professor at The Chinese University of Hong Kong Faculty of Law.

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