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Queen Mary & Kingsley Napley Seminar Series: The UK's New Plan for Immigration

Date: 25 November 2021


Joint Queen Mary University of London, School of Law, Immigration LLM and Kingsley Napley Seminar Series 2021-2022:

Meet the Practitioners: 5 Conversations between Key Practitioners in Borders, Immigration and Asylum Law and Practice from a UK Perspective

This evening seminar series is sponsored by the Queen Mary Immigration LLM and Kingsley Napley LLP. It is designed to provide an opportunity to listen and contribute to structured conversations among practitioners in the field of borders, immigration and asylum law in the UK and internationally on key issues. The content and impact of the Nationality and Borders Bill 2021 where relevant will be taken into account. This series is designed for advanced law students, academics, policy makers and practitioners who are interested in the development of migration and asylum law and constitute a new stage in the cooperation between the Queen Mary Immigration LLM and Kingsley Napley.

The UK's New Plan for Immigration and the Nationality and Borders Bill: what are the UK needs for labour migration, the government's proposals and the UK's international commitments in this area? A conversation between Marcia Longdon and Ilda de Souza, partners at Kingsley Napley, and Dr Ryszard Cholewinski, Senior Migration Specialist, International Labour Organisation. Chair: Professor Elspeth Guild.

The UK economy is dynamic and growing as the negative economic impact of the Covid-19 pandemic diminishes. But recruitment of overseas workers remains an important component for industry as unemployment hovers below 5% of the working age population. The impacts of Brexit on recruitment are still being felt throughout the economy as employers are no longer able to call upon a large, (mainly) skilled and highly mobile labour force from EU states without having to go through various work-related immigration procedures. In this conversation, Longdon and de Souza discussed the challenges for the UK economy of recruitment of overseas employees, the conditions of their employment and the possible impacts of the Bill with Cholewinski, an expert in international labour migration at the ILO and well versed in the UK’s commitments regarding labour migration through the ILO’s conventions.

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