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School of Law

Art, Crime and Criminals: Painting Fresh Pictures of Art Theft, Fraud and Plunder


21 June 2016

Listen to the audio recordings from 'Art, Crime and Criminals: Painting Fresh Pictures of Art Theft, Fraud and Plunder':

About the event

Organised by Professor Duncan Chappell, Dr Saskia Hufnagel and Ms Marissa Marjos.

This inaugural workshop aims specifically at discussions in the area of art theft and vandalism. The following two workshops will focus on art fraud (January 2017, London) and looting and iconoclasm (June 2017, Berlin, Ministry of Finance).

The workshop will be structured around a number of presentations by prominent actors in the field, but the main parts are discussions around the topic between all participants.

The aim of the workshop series is to encourage interdisciplinary research, cross-jurisdictional sharing of knowledge and exchange of ideas between academics, practitioners and policy makers.

Art crime traverses both academic disciplines and jurisdictional boundaries. Academics within the various disciplines do not often engage with each other. Practitioners equally come from various backgrounds, such as, police, customs, museums, galleries, auction houses, dealerships, insurance companies, art authenticators, forensic scientists, private security companies etc. These groups rarely work together and it could even be said that there is a high level of distrust and misunderstanding between them.

The proposed network not only aims at bringing the different players together, but also establishes a communication platform that will ensure their engagement beyond the three workshops. Organisations invited to the workshop include: Metropolitan Police, Carabinieri, Interpol, Europol, The Art Loss Register, Art Recovery International, Private Policing Sector, Historic England, Artists, Insurance Sector, Clerics, Journalists, Association of Chiefs of Police, MPs, Academics from various disciplines, Art Dealers and many more.

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