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School of Law

Critical Legal Talk Series - The Law of International Society: A Road Not Taken. Reflections on one 19th century moment

Date: 31 October 2023

Martti Koskenniemi is one of the most influential legal thinkers of the last few years. His theory of international law as an argumentative practice, his contribution to the critique of international legal thought, and his studies on the history of international law have brought new light to the legal discipline and beyond. In this lecture, Professor Koskenniemi spoke about a road not taken by international lawyers in the 19th century, a formative period for international institutions and the contemporary global order.

This event inaugurated and is part of the ‘Critical Legal Talks Series’, an international collaboration between the QMUL Law Department and the Group of Critical Studies in Politics, Law and Society (PoDeS) at the University of Buenos Aires. The Series attempts to problematise the law and legal institutions from a critical and interdisciplinary perspective and provide a platform for discussion around global justice for researchers aiming to bridge the Global North/South divide.

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