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Insurable Interest and the Law book launch

Date: 10 September 2020

In this webinar, Dr Franziska Arnold-Dwyer presents her new book ‘Insurable Interest and the Law’ (Routledge, 2020) which re-examines the role of the doctrine of insurable interest in insurance law and market practice in the 21st century. In her book, Franziska argues that, far from being obsolete, the doctrine of insurable interest is supported by old and new rationales and, rather than rejecting the doctrine, it should be recalibrated to afford better pre-contractual transparency as to the suitability of the policy to the proposers’ interest in the subject-matter to be insured. The presentation is followed by comments from Dr Terry O’Neill, an insurance law expert and consultant at Clifford Chance LLP; Professor James Davey who is the Professor of Contract and Commercial Law at the University of Southampton; and Dr Franziska Arnold-Dwyer who is a Lecturer in Insurance law at the Centre for Commercial Law Studies at Queen Mary University of London.

Download the presentations from the event:

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