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School of Law

Democracy and Rights with Professor Christoph Menke, Goethe University

Date: 7 November 2023

Christoph Menke is widely acknowledged as one of Germany's most important and interesting philosophers today. His work has focused on political and legal philosophy, theories of subjectivity, ethics and aesthetics. He is regarded as one of the last representatives and part of the 'third generation' of the Frankfurt School. His recent studies on 'Law and Violence' (Manchester UP 2018) and the 'Critique of Rights' (Polity Press 2020) made an important contribution to political theory and legal scholarship. In this lecture, professor Menke will discuss the tense relationship between democracy and rights in our political systems.

This event is part of the ‘Critical Legal Talks Series’, an international collaboration between the QMUL Law Department and the Group of Critical Studies in Politics, Law and Society (PoDeS) at the University of Buenos Aires. The Series attempts to problematise the law and legal institutions from a critical and interdisciplinary perspective and provide a platform for discussion around global (in)justice for researchers aiming to bridge the Global North/South divide.

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