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Energy Law: Andrew Clarke: 'The Energy Outlook and Life as an In-house Lawyer'

Andrew Clarke
Andrew Clarke

School of Law Podcast

18 October 2013

Listen to a podcast of ' The Energy Outlook and Life as an In-house Lawyer' (approx 40 minutes). Choose 'Play' to play video, slides and audio.

Guest Lecture

The first in a series of lectures by invited, distinguished guests. The Lecture was given by Andrew Clarke, General Counsel, Esso UK Ltd., and covered the following topics:

  • Current energy use and a brief outlook of potential developments over the next 40 years
  • The role of in-house lawyers in supporting / advising a large energy company
  • Internal law support structures
  • Career development
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • A typical day
  • The range of work
  • Opportunities and concerns
  • Applying for jobs - Interview techniques

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