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Turning aspirations into reality: Go green, be ethical and protect your company

When: Wednesday, March 23, 2022, 1:30 PM - 7:30 PM
Where: Online

Clyde & Co LLP and Queen Mary University of London, are proud to host a conference at which eminent arbitrators, practitioners, investors and academics will be discussing, from their own perspectives, how to turn climate-related aspirations into reality, whilst still honouring net- zero commitments, respecting the environment and human rights, protecting investors and facilitating growth.

The conference is intended to bring together differing perspectives and is bound to stimulate inspiring discussions and debate.

Following COP26 and the signing of the Glasgow Climate Pact, green and ethical issues are at the forefront of directors’ and shareholders’ minds.

As key stakeholders in climate discussions, businesses must acknowledge, harness and maximise the vital role they play in driving progress toward a decarbonised future. Businesses are uniquely placed to work with governments, consumers and other stakeholders to shape the conditions necessary for transformational change across all industries. But businesses and investors have a lot to lose. The UN values the climate risks faced by the world’s biggest companies at almost $1 trillion. It is therefore fundamentally important that businesses, such as finance institutions and law firms, work with government and civil society stakeholders to ensure nobody is left behind.

This half-day conference will include three sessions, each chaired by a moderator and discussed by a number of panellists. View the full schedule.

In particular, speakers are planning to address questions such as:

  • Human rights as an emerging issue, as it compares to climate change;
  • How government policies and regulations have affected, or will affect, companies’ investment decisions; and
  • Issues commonly seen in environmental claims (e.g. decommissioning, EIA, etc) in international arbitration.

View the full list of speakers.

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