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School of Law

The Victim’s Role in holding the State Accountable: Comparative Perspectives

When: Tuesday, April 5, 2022, 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Where: TBC

The Criminal Justice Centre is very pleased to welcome Professor Marie Manikis (McGill University, Faculty of Law) to Queen Mary University of London’s School of Law. In this talk, Professor Manikis will compare the role of victims as agents of state accountability across common law jurisdictions, and between England and Wales and the United States in particular. Across these jurisdictions, and along historical shifts, she not only identifies the ways in which victims have been conceptualised as either private or public actors, but explores the ways in which these differing conceptions have consequences for how victims are received and legitimised within the criminal justice process.

This event will take place online and in-person.

About the Speaker

Marie Manikis is an Associate Professor and William Dawson Scholar at the Faculty of Law of McGill University where she teaches Criminal Justice, Sentencing, Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure. She is a member of McGill’s Centre for Human Rights and Legal Pluralism and the International Centre for Comparative Criminology. Professor Manikis’ scholarship is interdisciplinary, comparative, and uses social science methodologies to advance the available knowledge in criminal law and criminal justice. Her research interests include criminal justice and sentencing, and particularly aspects that relate to victim participation, prosecutorial discretion and accountability, bail and pre-trial detention, as well as principles of Indigenous participation.

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