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Stepping Stones Project

Stepping Stones

Stepping Stones mentors and mentees 2018
Stepping Stones mentors and mentees 2018

Our academic mentoring scheme, Stepping Stones, has been running since 2014. This has included our fully trained undergraduate mentors working with small groups of local Year 12 students on study skills and academic content. We will continue to work closely with selected local schools to provide in person support for Year 12 students but we are also extending our Stepping Stones programme this year to reach more Year 12 students through a mixture of online and in person support.

This extended Stepping Stones programme includes attending:

  • our full programme of online Taster Talks followed by a 30 min online discussion with undergraduate student mentors about the talk and about studying geography at university
  • our annual 6th form conference in Spring in person
  • a dedicated in person workshop on the morning of the conference day
  • our early summer research showcase event in person and dedicated workshop for 6th formers on the same day

This programme is extended to sixth form students beyond London and the South East who may not be able to travel to any or only some of the in person events. We can also continue to provide further in person support for students in local schools.

Sixth form geography teachers are invited to put forward year 12 students from WP background who are considering studying geography at university for the programme. Please contact Sayda Begum for further information about this.

Additional support

QMUL offers a comprehensive programme of widening participation support and activities to students and schools in 11 London boroughs. You can find out more about these opportunities through QMUL’s widening participation team.

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