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School of Geography

Global development goals


Dr Stephen Taylor presented an informative lecture on Global Development Goals. This lecture gave an understanding of the impact of the Millennium Development Goals programme and the challenges and opportunities facing the new Global Development Goals programme launched in 2015.

Support and further teaching ideas on all aspects of global learning can be sought from the Global development Programme


Teacher notes and card sort resource:


Teaching ideas

  • Knowledge and comprehension: Card sort activity to Identify the logos and card sort activity to match logos to descriptions
  • Application: Use data in a range of styles to illustrate the use of development indicators eg from, and
  • Research detail on selected goals from
  • Analyse success towards goals and suggest how progress/ success will be measured
  • Use skills of synthesis to plan how the global goals should be tracked and reported over time. Which development indicators will be used? What are the limitations and challenges of creating such a report?
  • Evaluation and opportunity for extended writing: Select one goal and justify why you think it is the most important (or most likely to be met or most challenging ) A stimulus activity to get this going could be a Vote with your feet activity, hot air balloon style debate or creating a ‘diamond nine’ of Global Goals. The strongest arguments would need to reference
    • The core aims of the goals
    • How this goal will be measured
    • How this goal contributes to holistic development
    • Evidence from recent case study
    • Use of core geographical vocabulary
    • Recognition of how the chosen goal is linked to interdependent with other goals. This could be represented as a visual as on the teachers notes
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