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School of Geography


QMUL School of Geography Laboratories

Laboratory and Field Suite supports research carried out by staff and students concerned with environmental systems, their processes, and their interactions in the present and past, as well as in the uncertain future.

Observational, experimental and computational techniques are of paramount importance to our interdisciplinary research, where students are provided with opportunities to undertake hands-on field research, combined with state-of-the-art laboratory analysis.  

Within the School of Geography our research is built on strong collaborations that are national and international in scope, our group also serves as a teaching platform for the next generation of ecosystem and earth system scientists.

All our graduates can expect to leave us with a range of both subject specific and transferable skills, including skills relating to data collection and analysis, the interpretation and evaluation of complex ideas and evidence, problem solving, individual and group project management, and more. These skills can be used in almost any career and are essential for the next generation of ecosystem and earth system scientists.

We explore a range of environmental factors and processes including:   

  • concentrations of pollutants (for example heavy metals in landfill sites)  
  • nutrients (for example in river systems)  
  • carbon and nitrogen, and greenhouse gases   
  • environmental change through the analysis of sediments and fossils  
  • river processes

Please contact: Dr Jacqueline Greef with any questions regarding Laboratory & Field Equipment 

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