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A graphical representation of a city with the labels 'Gentrification Zone' and 'Poor People Please Leave Quietly' are stuck over a painted wall. the wall is painted with green and pink birds that have been painted onto wall, and over the wall and around the sign are graffitti tags in black and grey.


Professor Jon May presented an informative lecture on gentrification. The lecture covered:

  • What gentrification is and why it is important
  • Different kinds of gentrification
  • Different explanations of gentrification
  • Critical perspectives on gentrification



ResourcesGentrification Powerpoint 


Learning Activity

Evaluate the causes and impact of gentrification on your local urban place using production based approach and the consumption based approach to understanding gentrification.


Further Reading

For help accessing articles do not hesitate to seek support from our School liaison officer 


Textbook on gentrification – truly comprehensive:

Lees, L., Slater, T. and Wyly, E. (2007) Gentrification New York, Routledge.

For an excellent review paper, summarising the key issues and debates in gentrification research (including much of what was covered here) see:

Kate Shaw (2008) Gentrification: What It Is, Why It Is, and What Can Be Done about It Geography Compass 2 (5): 1697–1728

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