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Centre for Commercial Law Studies

CCLS Bursary Fund

Will you help talented prospective students?

Queen Mary already has an enviable reputation for social inclusion and this is something that we want to build on for postgraduate students at CCLS. We invite you to help talented students to have the financial security, to allow them to complete their studies, preparing them to become some of the very best young lawyers. All donations, big or small can help make a difference between a student continuing their studies and reaching their full potential.

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What bursaries mean to our students

Your support will help make a lasting impact on students in need and develop them into the future leaders and innovators in law, commerce and government by enabling them to reach their full academic potential.

Queen Mary continues to prove that social inclusion and academic success are not mutually exclusive.
— The Times and Sunday Times Good University Guide 2021

There are times when we have a student who, due to unexpected circumstances, find themselves in financial difficulties. This frequently leads the student, who may well be living away from their home country and with little support from family and friends, to face considerable stress. This in turn often results in an impairment of their studies and performance and in extreme cases leads to an interruption of, or complete withdrawal from, their studies. Currently there is little financial help available to students who find themselves in financial difficulties due to unexpected circumstances beyond their control.

A CCLS Bursary Fund is critical because it will provide the extra financial support for students who find themselves in unexpected situations. Examples such as contributing to: the cost of living, unexpected bills in London or at home, the travel costs for an unexpected need to return home, or even just a small but necessary supplement.

Read our vision to find out more.

Plan for the CCLS Bursaries

CCLS aspires to raise an initial pot of money so that a post graduate student who finds themselves in unforeseen and emergency difficulties whilst studying either full time, part-time, via blended learning or distance learning from the UK or overseas, can apply for extra financial help, either at the start of or during their course. We want to ensure they have the means to meet the costs of basic needs such as food, accommodation, equipment and travel. Our goal in providing such support would be to give peace of mind to our students so they can continue with their studies with a clear mind and become the best lawyers they can be. Read Comparative and International Dispute Resolution LLM alumnus Krishan Insan's experience to find out what our support helps our students.

Initially the sum of support will vary according to the need, with the intention of offering a maximum of £1,000 given per eligible application. Students will need to meet the application criteria for financial support. There is no guarantee that there will be adequate funds to meet every request CCLS receives until the CCLS Bursaries Fund grows to meet demand.


The unexpected financial difficulties that a student may face will vary according to the need. With support provided, up to £1,000 can be given per eligible student.

Why Now?

The need for students to study a postgraduate course has never been higher. As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, and the adverse impact it has had on the global economy, there is an increasing need for emergency support to be provided to help those who are struggling, to help them get back on track so that they can achieve their full potential. When short-term financial support is given it can prevent difficulties affecting students’ studies and wellbeing and remove the sudden financial burden.

How to donate

We invite you to donate here:

Donate here

If you would like to discuss supporting the CCLS Bursary Fund, please contact Celia Blakeway-Phillips, External Relations and Development Manager or phone +44 (0)7585 888411.

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