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qLegal students put Legal Design skills to work, rebooting Terms & Conditions

qLegal students reboot T&Cs for online paralegal agency F-LEX

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Teams of qLegal students competed to redesign the T&Cs of online paralegal agency F-LEX, with the winning team’s recommendations being adopted by the company. This was the first challenge on qLegal’s Design the Law programme, in which students were set the brief by F-LEX founder, Mary Bonsor, having learned about the Legal Design process from specialist Meera Klemola of Observ and UX designer Steven Chambers.

Legal Design is a methodology used by law firms and in-house teams to innovate, and put clients and ultimate end-users at the heart of legal service delivery. It is built on empathy, and requires lawyers to research and create personas of the end-users, before designing and testing prototype solutions to meet end-users’ needs. The idea is that law should not be delivered in a way that suits only other lawyers.

In this challenge, qLegal students were researching and testing ideas on fellow students as they are typical end-users signing up to the F-LEX platform. The teams had clearly put in a lot of work – interviewing more than 250 students in total - and came up with creative and original ideas. These included suggestions beyond the original brief, winning praise from the external partners. The winning team’s redesign included a salary calculator and a mix of graphics and text to convey points clearly and simply.

Students expressed surprise at the benefits of working in a collaborative way, especially in the context of a competition. In seeking and giving constructive feedback with other teams, it raised everyone’s game.

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