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Raveesha Gupta (2015)

Raveesha Gupta graduated from the Intellectual Property Law LLM in 2015. She is now practicing Advocate in New Delhi, India, working as a Senior Associate at Ravinder Singh & Associates. Read her story:

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Why did you choose to study at CCLS?

After deciding to specialise in Intellectual Property Law, when I started exploring my options, CCLS came across as one of the best schools for the subject I had chosen. Queen Mary has its own Intellectual Property Research Institute and studying at CCLS allowed me to have access to the Intellectual Property Archives and IALS Library, which was very helpful while writing my dissertation. The best part about CCLS is its location in the heart of London where all the Law Firms and Courts are located.

What was your favourite memory as a CCLS student?

The Cumberland Lodge trip and the entire induction week remains one of my favourite memories as a CCLS student. It allowed me to shed all my inhibitions and helped me to interact with the members of the faculty with ease. I also made some great friends during that time.

What does being a member of the CCLS community mean to you?

I feel proud to call myself a member of CCLS as it is one of the best institutions for Master of Laws. It gives me a sense of belongingness and even today I feel I can reach out to the faculty members or the staff members of CCLS, who have always been so warm and welcoming. Also, CCLS has allowed me to make friends from around the world and I stay in touch with a lot of them, which I feel is the most precious thing for me.

How did your CCLS experience contribute to your career?

Studying at CCLS has not only allowed me to have a postgraduate degree in my field, it has contributed to my overall growth as a person. Everyone at CCLS is so helpful and approachable that it taught me how to be confident and not hesitate in asking for help, a skill which came in handy during my job search. I enjoyed each and every lecture and never missed a class. I even took part in qLegal, which is a wonderful initiative that one can be a part of at CCLS. As I was fresh out of law school, qLegal gave me my first practical experience in dealing with clients and providing legal opinion under the guidance of qualified lawyers.

Why do you think perspective students should study at CCLS?

CCLS has a variety of modules to offer (probably the largest selection of modules), which for me was an important factor whilst choosing the university for my postgraduate degree. CCLS offers the usual modules which any other university offers, but in addition, there are many other interesting modules available, which students will not find elsewhere. Also, everyone including the professors and staff at CCLS are approachable and willing to help, which provides a very healthy and friendly environment and as an international student, that really helped me to adjust. Also, the students come from around the world. It has a great combination of international students, which allowed me to make friends from different countries, and learn about their cultures and backgrounds. Having such a vast pool of international students helped me gain perspective by allowing me to work and get education with people from different backgrounds.

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