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The William Harvey Research Institute - Barts and The London

Dr Simon Woldman


Clinical Director, Specialised Cardiology, Barts Health and Honorary Senior Lecturer QMUL

Centre: CV Medicine and Devices




  • Medical Degree from Glasgow University 1989 followed by MD 2002
  • Trained in West of Scotland
  • Joined UCLH in 2006 as clinical lead for heart failure
  • Moved to Barts Health 2015
  • Currently Chair Heart Failure Subgroup, NHS London Cardiac Network
  • Lead for HF UCLPartners


  • MD 2002
  • FRCP (Glasgow) and FRCP (London)
  • Fellow European Society of Cardiology



•  Cause, treatment and prevention of endocarditis  •   Optimisation of community services for heart failure  •  Palliative care in heart failure


Initial research investigated cardiac blood flow and function following bypass surgery. More recent HF studies include markers of poor prognosis in heart failure. In endocarditis we are looking at the associations of the disease, prevention strategies and therapies. We have shown that cardiac CT improves surgical options and have looked at the diagnostic options for atypical organisms. 

Group members

Martin Thomas, Ceri Davies, Satay Das, Jonathan Lambourne, Robert Serafino Wani, Simon Tiberi, Chris Primus, Innocent Bverkwa, Maria McCue