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The William Harvey Research Institute - Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry

Dr Arianna Tucci


Clinical Reader in Genomic Medicine

Centre: Clinical Pharmacology and Precision Medicine



Arianna Tucci is a Clinical Reader in Genomic Medicine and an Honorary Consultant in Clinical Genetics. She studied medicine and trained in Clinical Genetics at the University of Milan, Italy, and obtained her PhD in neurogenetics at University College London, UK. In 2017, she joined Genomic England to work as a clinical fellow in Rare Disease Genomics. In 2019, she was awarded an MRC Clinician Scientist award to study DNA repeats and their contribution to neurological disorders. Throughout her career, her main research focus has been elucidating the genetic basis of neurological disorders using advanced technologies and bioinformatic tools.

One of Arianna’s major achievements was working alongside the National Health Service in the UK and Genomics England to implement whole genome sequencing for diagnosis of repeat expansion neurological disorders. The study that led to its implementation in the NHS and is described in The Lancet Neurology journal in 2022.


Group members

Staff: Kristina Ibanez-Garikano, Anupriya Dalmia, Christopher Clarkson
PhD student: Clarissa Rocca (Brain Research UK, UCL), Valentina Galassi Deforie (Lido PhD)


Our lab focusses on DNA sequence variants and repeats, and on how novel technologies can both further our understanding of neurological diseases and to improve diagnostics for patients.

Key projects:

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