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The William Harvey Research Institute - Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry

Success for WHRI at the FMD Staff Awards 2024

The FMD Staff Awards, hosted by the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry (FMD) at Queen Mary University of London, recently took place at the Barbican Conservatory. The event proved to be a huge success for the William Harvey Research Institute (WHRI), as staff secured an impressive total of five awards.

WHRI winners at the FMD Staff Awads 2024

Left to right: Dr Steven Coppen, Dr Nina Ravic, Dr Suchita Nadkarni, and Dr Tom Abbott.

The winners on the night were: 

VP Award for Excellence in Citizenship 
Dr Steven Coppen, Deputy Institute Manager, WHRI

This award recognises a member of staff who has made an ‘above and beyond’ approach. This award acknowledges the dedication of those individuals who have cultivated an environment in which all can thrive, for example through mentorship, establishing communities or mechanisms of support, or wellbeing initiatives.

Outstanding Contribution to Professional and Technical Services Award
Dr Steven Coppen, Deputy Institute Manager and Safety Coordinator

This award seeks to recognise individuals within professional and technical services who made an outstanding contribution or provide excellent day-to-day support to the Faculty’s activity in areas of estate or learning resources. 

Steven was a joint winner along with Khalid Rouas from the Blizard Institute.

Education Professional of the Year Award
Dr Nina Ravic, Education Manager

This award acknowledges the exceptional dedication of a member of the Faculty’s Professional or Technical Services Staff in supporting the delivery of high quality education and student experience. It recognises the innovation, creativity, and commitment shown in pursuit of education excellence for students and an inclusive learning environment for all.

VP Award for Excellence in Research
Dr Suchita Nadkarni, Senior Lecturer in Immunology

This award recognises the outstanding contribution by an individual to the research outputs, impact, and reputation of the Faculty and Queen Mary. It celebrates the impact individuals have made to the research environment of the organisation through leadership, mentoring and culture change initiatives.  

Outstanding Early Career Researcher Award
Dr Tom Abbott, NIHR Clinical Lecturer

This award recognises the academic excellence and achievement of an outstanding early career researcher. This award is open to those who are postdoctoral researchers and lecturers.



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