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Check your visa

Read this page to understand how your Student visa will be issued, and how to check the dates on your visa are correct. It is important you check carefully, as there is a deadline to correct any errors.

Applying outside the UK 

Your passport may be posted to you, or you may be instructed to collect it. 

When you receive your documents check all the details on your sticker and any letters are correct. If you notice an error, see the web page There is an error with my Student immigration permission

Six months or less

If your immigration permission is issued for six months or less, your visa will be issued as a sticker in your passport, covering your full length of leave.  

More than six months

You will be issued a sticker in your passport valid for 90 days. You should enter the UK during this 90-day period. Once you have arrived in the UK, you will collect your biometric residence permit (BRP) card, which will be show the duration of your permission.  

You will also have a letter of decision that explains the conditions and length of your immigration permission. Keep this letter safe. 

The  90 days within which you must enter the UK will start on one of these dates (whichever is the latest): 

  • one month before the course start date as stated on your CAS 
  • seven days before your intended date of travel as stated by you on your application form 
  • the day your immigration permission is issued 

If you do not travel to the UK during the 90-day period on the sticker, it will expire. You will need to apply for a new one if you still wish to travel to the UK. 

EEA and Swiss students

If you applied using the 'UK Immigration: ID Check' app you will receive the decision on your application by email. This will include details of how to sign into the ‘View and Prove Service’ where you can check your immigration status and its conditions at any time. 

You will receive a digital immigration status instead of a vignette or BRP card. 

If you do not use the ‘UK Immigration: ID Check’ app, you will attend a Visa Application Centre and receive a vignette in your passport and you will collect your BRP after arrival in the UK. 

Is your immigration permission correct? 

UKVI will usually grant additional time before and after your studies. How much additional time you receive will depend on the length of your studies, using the dates on the CAS. 

Length and type of programme of studies 

If applying outside the UK, length of permission to be granted before start of studies 

Length of immigration permission to be granted after studies 

12 months or more 

1 month 

4 months 

6 months or more, but less than 12 months 

1 month 

2 months 

A pre-sessional course less than six months long 

1 month 

1 month 

Other course less than six months long 

7 days 

7 days 

If you are resitting or returning from an interruption, the total length of your programme should be considered when deciding how much additional time to grant. In order to do this , the original start date of your programme must be detailed in your CAS (under the ‘Evidence provided’ field).

When you receive your documents check all the details on your sticker and any letters are correct. If you notice an error, see the web page There is an error with my Student immigration permission


If your BRP expires on 31 December 2024 

You do not need to tell UKVI if your BRP expires on 31 December 2024 but you have permission to stay longer. 

You will not need a BRP from 1 January 2025. You’ll be able to prove your immigration status online, without a BRP. You do not need to do anything, and your immigration status will not be affected.

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