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Advice and Counselling Service

Specialist immigration advice

If you have used this guide and the resources it mentions, but your situation is unusually complex or something has gone wrong, you can contact the Advice and Counselling Service at Queen Mary, where qualified staff can provide immigration advice that is regulated by the UK government.  

Contact the Advice and Counselling Service 

Please note - we will not normally help you make a routine check of your application form or documents. 

When you contact the Advice and Counselling Service, our Frontline Team will check to see if your query can be answered in our guidance or guidance published by UKCISA or the UK Government. If your query is more complicated, our frontline team will refer your query to an Adviser. 

Depending on your query, an Adviser may respond by email, or you may be allocated a one-to-one appointment with a Welfare Adviser (online or in person). 

In some cases, you may be directed to seek advice from another regulated immigration adviser. 

Information provided by the UK Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA) 

UKCISA is an organisation funded by UK academic institutions to provide support and guidance to international students. UKCISA is not part of UKVI and provides independent advice on a range of issues affecting international students including immigration.  


UKCISA’s website contains lots of useful guidance and resources for international students including applying for immigration permission. 

Advice Line 

You can telephone UKCISA for advice. UKCISA’s staff are experienced in advising students about the UK’s immigration regulations and can give you free advice by telephone. 

We advise you to have all your documents with you when you telephone.

The UKCISA advice line is open Monday to Friday, 1-4pm (UK time): +44 (0)20 7788 9214 

For more information, visit the UKCISA website. 

Other regulated immigration advisers 

The Advice and Counselling Service at Queen Mary and the UK Council for International Student Affairs are regulated by the UK Government to provide immigration advice about Student related immigration categories.  

You can also get legal advice by contacting an immigration adviser. Make sure that the immigration adviser you choose is authorised to provide immigration advice and services by the Office for the Immigration Services Commissioner or other regulatory body  

You can find other regulated advisers through: 

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