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Wellbeing advice

What is wellbeing advice?

What to expect

If you are experiencing difficulties that are challenging to your day-to-day life or that impact your general health and wellbeing, our student wellbeing advisers can support you to review current practices, and implement ways to make improvements. 



How we can help

  • Advisors offer individual support and strategies to implement on issues impacting university life such as stress, anxiety, time management, relaxation, organisation, low mood, meeting new people and transitioning to university.
  • Support includes online or face-to-face appointments with a Student Wellbeing Adviser.
  • Student Wellbeing Adviserswill also be working on university wide projects to promote student wellbeing in line with theNHS 5 Ways to Wellbeing.
  • Provide information on internal and external services offering support that may be best suited to your particular needs (signposting).
  • Theycan also refer to Mental Health Advisers or Counsellors at Queen Mary if deemed beneficial.
  • If you require academic support concerning your studies such as Extenuating Circumstances, please contact thestudent support officerin your department.

What to expect 

In appointments, you can discuss your needs and a Student Wellbeing Adviser can make appropriate suggestions to help create a plan to improve your wellbeing. These include (but are not limited to): a sleep hygiene plan, healthy nutrition, practicing mindfulness and social engagement.  

Example:After receiving lower marks than you had hoped for, you might struggle with motivation to do your next piece of academic work and find yourself in a negative cycle of leaving it to the last minute. This perpetuates some anxiety that results in further delaying the tasks and feelings of dread and failure. 

A Student Wellbeing Adviser can support you to: 

  • Recognise any unhelpful thought patterns or negative self-talk and encourage a kinder inner voice with a more realistic outlook.
  • Identify healthier approaches to academic work through planning and preparation.
  • Establish a routine that includes a healthy balance between academic work, self-care and learning relaxation techniques to help alleviate symptoms of anxiety

Student Wellbeing Adviser appointments can last up to 60 minutes and are booked in based on your availability (please see ‘how to contact us’ below to book). 

A student can work together with a Student Wellbeing Adviser for up tosix appointments. Longer-term support may be available if needed. 

Book an appointment

You will need to complete our referral form in MySIS to book an appointment for wellbeing advice. Click the Contact us box below to complete the form and find out more information about appointments.

Appointments are available online on MS Teams and in-person on the Mile End campus. 

Attend a drop-in appointment 

Students can also use our Drop-In hours, where no prior form or appointment is required. Our Drop In times are available every day at 2pm, accessible by visiting ACS reception at this time. 

Students can expect to speak to a Student Wellbeing Adviser for up to 20 minutes* during a Drop-In slot and ask any questions about how to access support, or what might be the right type of support for them. Students may be asked to complete the referral form to access a full appointment. 

*Subject to Drop In availability on the day. 


Contact us for wellbeing support

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