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January Blues Drop-in 

This year, James’ Place and the Advice and Counselling Service will be hosting a drop-in service that is open to anyone, including those who might also be concerned about someone they know.

It’s an opportunity to have a brief chat with someone, learn more about the service and obtain further guidance and information.

Find out more below about the emotional wellbeing support and sexual assault & harrassment advice that you can access at the drop in.

DATE: Thursday 26th January 

TIME: 3pm – 5pm 

LOCATION: Room 1.08 Bancroft Building 

Tea and biscuits will be provided*** 

Please note these are not 1:1 therapy sessions and anyone in an immediate crisis should contact the following services  


Emotional Wellbeing Support

After the rush of the holidays, January can be one of the hardest months of the year, with the term ‘January Blues’ often used to describe the decline in mood following the festive period.   

Christmas isn’t the same for everyone, and for many it can be a very cold, dark, and lonely period with payday still a long way away. With the festivities now over, the aftermath can lead to a significant lull in energy and a variety of stress factors, including increased alcohol consumption, changed sleep patterns, debts, and family conflicts. Other factors that may contribute towards a decline in mood in January include:  

  • Reduced daylight hours  
  • Seasonal Affect Disorder (SAD)  
  • Returning to work/ uni, exams, and deadlines  
  • A challenging holiday period due to loss, loneliness, or estrangement  
  • Financial worries following Christmas  
  • Pressure of New Year’s resolutions  

For those already living with mental health difficulties, the problems are far more serious and distressing, and January can be a very isolating period, haunted by disappointment, anxiety, sadness, depression, or even suicidal thoughts.    

Whatever it might be that you’re going through, at this time of year, we all need to talk more than ever - particularly men!    

It is well documented that men are less likely to reach out for support in times of need and are more prone to taking their own lives than women. As a result, ACS have partnered up with James’ Place - a suicide prevention service aimed at men and those who identify as male who are looking for a safe and confidential space to process their ongoing struggles.  


Sexual Assault and Harassment Adviser (SAHA) 

Ana Flores Reis, our Sexual Assault and Harassment Advisor, will also be present and providing emotional and practical support to anyone who has been raped, sexually assaulted, or harassed, whether that’s happened recently or in the past. The SAHA can support you whether this happened at university or not and can also help you to access other available support services. The Service is free and available to any student who has experienced any form of sexual violence, regardless of their gender or sexual orientation. 

These are some of the things the SAHA can support you with: 

Emotional support, including: 

  • Supporting you to understand and manage the impact of sexual violence. 
  • Working with you to develop positive coping strategies. 
  • Helping you to re-build your self-esteem and trust in yourself and others.   

Practical support, including: 

  • Providing you with impartial information and support around your options for reporting both within the University and externally. 
  • Supporting you through any reporting process you choose to engage with. 
  • Signposting and referring you to appropriate support services both within the University and externally. 


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