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Advice and Counselling Service

Mental health advice

What is mental health advice?

Mental health advice is different tocounselling as it aims to provide practical support and interventions to help you manage your mental health condition during your studies at university.  


How we can help

  • Advise students on how to manage a diagnosed mental health condition during your studies.
  • Advise students with no existing mental health diagnosis but who are experiencing issues with their mental health.
  • Support students who are experiencing a mental health crisis.
  • Support students to access longer term support from a range of NHS mental health services.
  • For study related support such as exam access arrangements and DSA funded support please contact the Disability and Dyslexia Service.
  • For academic support with your studies or Extenuating Circumstances, contactyour Student Support Officer(SSO) in your department.

Book an appointment 

You will need to complete our referral form in MySIS to book an appointment for mental health advice. Click the Contact us box below to complete the form and find out more information about appointments.  

Appointments are available online on MS Teams and in-person on the Mile End Campus. 

We would also recommend making an appointment with your GP if you are feeling psychologically unwell, so that your GP can support you and, if necessary, assist with specialist referral within the NHS.  

If you’re concerned about how to get referred to specialist services, the mental health adviser can help with this during your appointment. 


If you need to cancel a session for any reason, please let us have more than 24 hours’ notice. If you miss a session due to illness or extenuating circumstances, please let us know so we can reschedule.

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