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Advice and Counselling Service

Access to Queen Mary services

Information about accessing Queen Mary services while interrupting, re-sitting out of attendance or if you have withdrawn or have been de-registered from your course.

If you are not enrolled or registered on a course your access to Queen Mary facilities may be reduced or become unavailable to you. 

This includes people who have withdrawn but also students who have interrupted their studies, or who are re-sitting out of attendance. 

If you have interrupted or are re-sitting out of attendance the exception to this is if your academic school agrees to make a request for you to have use of a facility that they feel you specifically need. If you feel that there are strong reasons why your studies are being adversely affected because you do not have access to a certain Queen Mary facility during your interruption or re-sit out of attendance, contact your academic school to discuss this. There is more information on the Queen Mary Registry webpages.  

If you are in the UK with Student Immigration Permission, you are not normally able to remain in the UK while you are not attending your course.  For information visit about how your Student Immigration Permission is affected visit our Changes to your Studies page for international students.

Academic school or institute

Check with your academic school what contact you can expect to have with academic staff during a period of interruption or re-sitting out of attendance. Some schools have specific support in place to help students to remain engaged with their studies and to remedy any academic issues that have affected progression.  

If you are a research student contact the Research Degrees Office. 

You could also contact the Queen Mary learning development team if you need help planning your revision.


Your library access will stop if you withdraw or leave Queen Mary.  If you interrupt or re-sit out of attendance, you will still have access to the Library but the number of items you can borrow is reduced. 

IT Services 

Your access to IT Services will normally remain the same while you are interrupting or re-sitting out of attendance. However, if you do not use your email account for a long time, you may be sent an email asking if you want to keep the account open. If you do not respond to this email, and you are not enrolled, your email account will be disabled. Contact IT Services with any queries. 

Careers and Enterprise Service

You can use Careers and Enterprise Service  while you are interrupting or re-sitting out of attendance.   Students who leave their course prematurely can use the service while they have a Queen Mary login.  This is usually 3 months post leaving or being de-registered. 

Disability and Dyslexia Service

Even if the Disability and Dyslexia Service do not already support you, you can still contact them to discuss support while you are interrupting or re-sitting out of attendance or for when you return to study. 

If you are taking time out because of ill-health, a disability, or a mental health it can  be helpful to contact the Disability and Dyslexia Service to get advice about what support you might need when you resume your studies.  

Support will end if you withdraw or are de-registered and cease to be a student at Queen Mary.

Advice and Counselling Service

You can use the Advice and Counselling Service, while you are interrupting or re-sitting out of attendance.  We may be able to offer limited support if you have recently withdrawn or been de-registered from your course. You can read our Access Policy for information.

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