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School of Languages, Linguistics and Film

Visual Culture and 'Interruption' in Global Cities


For one of her current research projects, Professor Shirley Jordan has teamed up with Professor Christoph Lindner (Amsterdam School of Cultural Analysis) to work on a two-year AHRC-NWO funded project exploring how visual culture is increasingly 'interrupting' and challenging the processes of speed and flow associated with global cities. The network brings together an international team of scholars from a range of disciplines and focuses on a wide spectrum of visual cultures related to the urban environment. Professor Jordan's contribution to the project relates to French photographers such as Valerie Jouve, Denis Darzacq and Stephane Couturier. In May 2013, the network held its first symposium, 'Theories of Interruption' at New York University's Institute for Public Knowledge. A second symposium, 'Practices of Interruption', will be held in London in May 2014.

New York panel. Left to right: Christoph Lindner, Shirley Jordan, Joseph Heathcott, Sharon Zukin, Richard J. Williams.
(photograph courtesy of Sabrina Andron)



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