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School of Languages, Linguistics and Film

Linguistic justice and public policy in Quebec


Together with Dr Yael Peled of Université de Montréal, Dr Leigh Oakes was recently awarded a grant from the Quebec government's Secrétariat aux affaires intergouvernementales canadiennes as part of their Research Support Program on Intergovernmental Affairs and Québec Identity. The project, entitled Linguistic justice and public policy in Quebec, will examine some of the ethical challenges faced by language planners in Quebec today. Adopting the interdisciplinary and emerging notion of 'normative language policy', the project evaluates the moral foundations of some of Quebec's language policies and planning measures, offering a critique of the commonly-held view that perceives them as contrastive, rather than compatible, with core liberal values and principles. It aims further to show how, by charting a course between Anglo-American liberalism and French-style republicanism, the Quebec model can make a significant contribution to the revision of liberal theory and offer a useful framework for language policy and planning outside Anglo-American contexts.



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