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School of English and Drama

Footage - A Freshly Scratched Performance, by Martin Welton and Clare Whistler

8 June 2013

Time: 1:00am
Venue: Battersea Arts Centre

Part of the Freshly Scratched season at BAC, in collaboration with Clare Whistler, Footage forms part of an ongoing enquiry by Martin Welton with regards to performance and pedestrian tactility, and the significance (or otherwise) of being 'grounded'.

We need to take better care of our feet.
There is a world beneath them, half-forgotten, half-imagined from the moment we began to put heads before heels in a hurry to put on socks and shoes.
Join Whistler&Welton in Footage, wandering with feet in ancient times, and wondering about the anthropology of footwear. 

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