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School of Biological and Behavioural Sciences

Psychology seminars

The Psychology department will be running a number of Psychology seminars throughout the year, showcasing the groundbreaking Psychology research that takes place in the School of Biological and Behavioural Sciences.

Seminar organiser: Dr Maria Loconsole

All seminars in Semester A take place on Wednesdays from 1-2pm online. 

The seminars are open to all. To book a 1:1 session with the speaker or other information please email 

Date Title Speaker  Affiliation Location

Wednesday 28th Sep, 1-2 pm 2022

The how and why arts, aesthetics and creative engagement can lead to psychological wellbeing

Claire Howlin


Fogg LT

Wednesday 5th October, 1-2 pm 2022


Bruno Gabriel Salvador Casara

University of Padua

Fogg LT

Wednesday 19th Oct 1-2 pm 2022 Genetics of pain

Maxim Freydin


Fogg LT

Wednesday 26th Oct 1-2 pm 2022

Language learning in adults and children

Gwen Brekelmans QMUL

Fogg LT

Wednesday 16th Nov 1-2 pm 2022


Daniel Bor


Fogg LT

Wednesday 7th Dec 1-2 pm 2022

Individual differences in language comprehension abilities

Lena Blott UCL

Fogg LT

Wednesday 7th Dec 2022 The placement experience Students QMUL  Fogg LT
Wednesday 14th Dec 1-2 pm 2022

Cognition in tiny brains

Massimo de Agró University of Florence

Fogg LT

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