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School of Biological and Behavioural Sciences


We study and teach the psychology of humans and animals: its evolution, its mechanisms, its failures (psychopathology) and its triumphs (well-being). We emphasise an interdisciplinary approach, focused at the interface between psychology (perception, cognition, communication and social life) and biology (genomics, neuroscience, ethology and evolution).


Research in the Psychology department is divided into three core themes - comparative psychology, perception and decision making, and resilience, health and well-being. 

The Role of Environmental Sensitivity in Mental Health

We are looking for clinics to take part in an exciting new study on the impact of Environmental Sensitivity (ES) on patient outcomes.

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The DreamLab Programme

The DreamLab Programme is a course that has been developed by developmental and educational psychologists to help young people develop concrete plans for their future. Here we provide more information on the DreamLab Programme as well as instructions for how to sign up for the course.

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Global Mental Health

Research on mental health and psychological well-being in humanitarian crises and low-income settings represents an important focus of the Psychology department. Here we provide information on several studies on global mental health led by Prof Michael Pluess and his collaborators.

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Strengths of the Journey Intervention

Members of our Psychology department have developed a seven-day intervention manual for use with displaced young people in late childhood and early adolescence living in refugee camps, in direct response to needs highlighted by NGOs working in and children living in refugee camps.

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Sensitivity to School

This project involving SBCS Professor of Developmental Psychology Michael Pluess, Dr Francesca Lionetti, and PhD student Jenni Kähkönen aims to develop new measures of child sensitivity and to observe sensitive children’s development in the first two years of primary school. The new measures will enable both teachers and educational psychologists to reliably assess children’s sensitivity.

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An Italian version for a related study in Switzerland can be viewed here.

Discrimination, cognitive biases and mental health in students

This project involving a Psychology PhD student Anastasia Vikhanova, Dr Isabelle Mareschal at SBCS and Dr Francesco Fasani at the School of Economics aims to establish a link between three concepts: mental health, discrimination and cognitive biases. They are currently recruiting participants where you can earn £7 for 45 minutes of your time.

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Examining Candidate Endophenotypes of Depression (Family Risk For Depression)

Studies suggest that healthy individuals with a family history of depression may see, interpret and remember the world around them in slightly different ways to those with no family history of the disorder. This research project about depression is led by Su Ozkaya and Dr Robert Keers at Queen Mary, University of London. Parctipants will recieve a voucher and enter a prize draw.

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Learn more about our three research themes including its researchers, funding, collaborators and selected publications by clicking the boxes below.