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School of Biological and Behavioural Sciences

Dr Rani Moran


Lecturer in Psychology

Room Number: 3.16, Fogg Building
Twitter: @moran_rani

Undergraduate Teaching

  • PSY117: Introduction to Biopsychology
  • PSY600: Research Project
  • PSY108: Research Methods in Psychology (Tutorials)


Research Interests:

Broadly, my research concerns the mechanisms supporting decision-making, memory and learning with a focus on how flexible control mechanisms guide behaviour. I seek to identify these mechanisms using cleverly crafted experimental designs, computational modelling, pharmacological manipulations, neuroimaging, and advanced statistical analysis of empirical data. My vision is that a better understanding of these processes will allow us to develop interventions promoting their effective usage. 

Current interests include:

  • Model Based and Model Free Reinforcement Learning
  • Credit Assignment
  • The Functions of Cognitive Maps
  • Sequential Sampling Models of Evidence Accumulation
  • Exploration-Exploitation Dilemma
  • Learning from Misinformation
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