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Queen Mary Academy

Lydia Jarvis


Academic Leadership Development Coordinator

Room Number: Department W


Lydia is the Academic Leadership Development Coordinator and supports the work of the newly created academic leadership development team.

The academic leadership offering will reflect the complex roles and responsibilities inherent in academic careers, adopting an integrated approach which encompasses research, education and scholarship alongside citizenship & inclusion, enterprise & external engagement and professional practice.  It will be designed to align with the Academic Careers Framework and Our Values in action.

Before joining the Queen Mary Academy, Lydia has worked at several Higher Education Institutions supporting both students and staff across the hierarchy.

You might want to get in touch directly with Lydia if you:

  • Would like to get involved in the Academic Leadership Development programme
  • Have any feedback or questions about the development programme
  • Would like to nominate members of your team to take part in the development programme.


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