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Queen Mary Academy

Virtual Exchange Project

The Queen Mary Academy, working with the Queen Mary Global Opportunities team, is supporting Dr Jonathan Kennedy from the Wolfson Institute for Public Health to deliver a ‘virtual exchange’ in partnership with the University of California Santa Cruz.

Dr Jonathan KennedyDr Kennedy's project supported around 40 learners to take part in a shared learning opportunity using the Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) method of teaching. This pilot project was supported by the Fulbright Commission and the American Council on Education, and aimed to support learners to develop intercultural competencies while exploring the similarities and difference between health inequalities in the US and UK.

Leveraging Queen Mary’s experiences in Mixed Mode Education, the team delivering the exchange has been working to encourage and support future COIL projects to ensure that Queen Mary learners to are equipped with the skills necessary to address in global challenges in their future careers.

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