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News story: New research gives clues as to why older people get more tendon injuries
20 April 2015

New research into how tendons age has found that the material between tendon fibre bundles stiffens as it gets older and that this is responsible for older people being more susceptible to tendon injuries.

News story: QMUL marks 100,000 visitors to science education pod ‘Centre of the Cell’
20 April 2015

Queen Mary University of London’s life sciences education programme, Centre of the Cell, celebrated its 100,000th participants after a visit from a Tower Hamlets primary school class on Friday 17 April 2015.

News story: Scientists discover protein that boosts immunity to viruses and cancer
16 April 2015

Scientists have discovered a protein that strongly promotes immunity to viruses and cancer, opening the door to new therapies in the future.

News story: Charity which works closely with Queen Mary University of London awarded for employer engagement
10 April 2015

An education charity which 40 QMUL students have volunteered for has scooped a prestigious employer engagement award.

Image: Luis Rey News story: New evidence that tyrannosaurs fought and ate each other
9 April 2015

Examination of a Daspletosaurus skull by Dr David Hone of the School of Biological and Chemical Sciences found signs that it had been bitten by another tyrannosaur during its lifetime as well as after it had died.

News story: Researchers at Queen Mary University of London launch app to match voters with parties
8 April 2015

Political scientists at Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) have launched a new voting advice application to match voters with the party that best represents their views. More than 20,000 people have used the app since it went live on 1 April.

News story: New Vice-Principal appointed by Queen Mary University of London
7 April 2015

Professor Rebecca Lingwood has been appointed as QMUL’s new Vice-Principal for Student Experience, Teaching and Learning.

Image: Jardín Botánico de Madrid News story: Bumblebees differentiate flower types when arranged horizontally but not vertically
7 April 2015

Bumblebees trained to go to feeders labelled with a certain colour or pattern cue but avoid differently labelled alternative feeders did so when feeders were arranged horizontally but didn’t when arranged vertically. Researchers believe this could be because groups of flowers arranged horizontally, like those in a meadow, often include several different species, while those arranged vertically, like in blossoming trees are likely to all be the same species.

Image: CERN News story: QMUL physicists prepare for new data as Large Hadron Collider restarts
7 April 2015

Physicists from QMUL, members of the ATLAS experiment and participants in the 2012 discovery of the Higgs boson particle, are gearing up to analyse new data from the Large Hadron Collider.

News story: EECS PhD students win sustainable communities hackathon
2 April 2015

An interdisciplinary team of five students from QMUL’s PhD programme in the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science will travel to Mumbai to present their ideas after winning a competition to design a system that integrated plants and social media to promote sustainable communities.

News story: Legal stars of the future compete in annual QMUL ‘George Hinde Moot’
2 April 2015

The quality of contributions from finalists in the annual QMUL mooting competition was “nothing short of astonishing”, according to Sir Christopher (Lord Justice) Pitchford, who judged the final at Queen Mary University of London on 24 March.

News story: QMUL selected to be part of new genomics training programme for NHS professionals
1 April 2015

Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) is delighted to announce it has been selected by Health Education England to be part of a cutting- edge new training programme in genomics for healthcare professionals across the country.

News story: Ed Miliband’s route to 10 Downing Street may hinge on the performance of Ukip, says Professor Tim Bale
25 March 2015

The fortunes of Ed Miliband and the Labour Party may well depend on the performance of Ukip on 7 May, according to Professor Tim Bale, who was speaking at the launch of his new book: Five Year Mission – The Labour Party under Ed Miliband.

News story: World’s largest community genetics study launches in East London
13 March 2015

East London Genes & Health, the world’s largest community based genetics study, has launched today – aiming to improve health among people of Pakistani and Bangladeshi heritage in East London by analysing the genes and health of 100,000 local people.

News story: Researchers display their innovations at Wearable Technology Show
12 March 2015

Wearable technologies, including a bag that tracks what’s in it, a jacket that helps people make introductions and a necklace that connects people in long-distance relationships, are among innovations being demonstrated by QMUL researchers at the Wearable Technology Show 2015.

News story: CARDIS, a new European effort targeting mobile early-stage cardio vascular disease detection
12 March 2015

QMUL has partnered with imec, Medtronic, Ghent University and others to launch the CARDIS project. Together they will develop and validate an early-stage cardiovascular disease detection platform using integrated silicon photonics.

News story: New findings on ‘key players’ in brain inflammation
6 March 2015

Inflammation is the immune system’s natural reaction to an ‘aggressor’ in the body or an injury, but if the inflammatory response is too strong it becomes harmful. For example, inflammation in the brain occurs when a person has a stroke, or when suffering from neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

An artist's representation of how GJ 581d might look News story: ‘Habitable’ planet GJ 581d previously dismissed as noise probably does exist
6 March 2015

A report published in Science has dismissed claims made last year that the first super-Earth planet discovered in the habitable zone of a distant star was ‘stellar activity masquerading as planets’.

News story: Report on impact of terrorist listing launched at QMUL
4 March 2015

A major report into terrorist listing and conflict transformation was launched at an event at QMUL’s School of Law by the International State Crime Initiative (ISCI).

News story: Global health systems neglect treating three billion people with tooth decay
4 March 2015

Billions of people across the globe are suffering the consequences of untreated tooth decay (cavities) – which include toothache and dental abscesses – according to new research published in the Journal of Dental Research.

News story: QMUL supports Innovate UK wearables challenge
4 March 2015

The Innovate UK IC Tomorrow competition is offering up to £35,000 to small companies to work with expert partners, including QMUL, to find solutions to challenges in the wearable technologies market.

News story: QMUL Drama student has song chosen for BBC Radio 1 playlist
3 March 2015

A final year Drama student at QMUL has had her song selected for the BBC Radio 1 playlist.

News story: Bees form false memories just like humans
27 February 2015

In the same way that humans sometimes remember things that didn’t actually occur, researchers have found that bees also misremember. False memories have never been observed in non-human animals before.

News story: Global health experts call into question sub-Saharan cancer data
27 February 2015

Global health experts believe the current data on cancer prevalence, incidence and mortality in sub-Saharan Africa – which determines how billions of pounds of international development money is spent – are weak and could mean vital funds are being deflected from other priorities. These include diarrhoeal and waterborne diseases, malnutrition, sanitation and the need to strengthen health systems.  

News story: QMUL announces new MSc partnership with Kew
26 February 2015

From September 2015 QMUL will be offering a new MSc Plant and Fungal Taxonomy, Diversity and Conservation in collaboration with the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew.

News story: QMUL retained as one of 11 UK universities recognised for Singapore Bar
26 February 2015

QMUL’s School of Law is now one of only 11 UK university law departments recognised for purposes of admission to the Singapore Bar.

News story: Multiple sclerosis teacher at QMUL to appear on Comic Relief’s Strictly Come Dancing
25 February 2015

A person with MS who works with QMUL to talk about her experience of the condition has been selected to appear in a special Comic Relief edition of Strictly Come Dancing.

News story: QMUL Historian Amanda Vickery presents BBC series on the suffragettes
23 February 2015

Oppression, discrimination, and the unrelenting courage of forgotten heroines. In a major new series for the BBC, renowned historian Professor Amanda Vickery tells the story of Britain’s longest war; the suffragettes’ 300 year-long campaign for equality. CC BY-ND 2.0 News story: New QMUL app uses Twitter comments to give real-time film reviews
20 February 2015

A new app, called Reel Reviews, which uses sophisticated computer analysis of comments from users on Twitter to give up-to-the-minute film ratings has been launched just in time for the Oscars.

News story: QMUL and Takeda announce research collaboration to develop new therapies in gastroenterology
20 February 2015

Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) and Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited today announced a major research collaboration aiming to define new insights and develop novel therapies in gastroenterology.

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