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School of Business and Management

Department of Marketing

About us

Welcome to the Department of Marketing. We are committed to collective excellence in teaching and research in all areas of the disciplines of marketing, consumer behaviour, and supply chain management. Our core values are collegiality and a drive for excellence.

In the age of digitalisation, new disruptive business models, and sustainability, our department plays an important role in understanding managerial, societal, as well as ethical issues of marketing practice. Our research responds to the needs of practitioners across industries and governmental bodies by applying cutting-edge quantitative and qualitative research methods. Furthermore, we aim at preparing our undergraduate and postgraduate students for the most challenging job opportunities. Research-led teaching fully reflects the rapidly changing economic environment and ensures a state-of-the-art student experience. Overall, SBM's Department of Marketing is a centre of international academic excellence.

Our academics publish widely in leading international journals, such as the Journal of Marketing, Journal of Service Research, Journal of Consumer Psychology, International Journal of Operations and Production Management, Journal of World Business, Journal of Product Innovation Management, Psychological Science, or Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. Academics, as well as PhDs and our students in the Department of Marketing benefit from a creative and supportive research community, which is linked to two research groups: Marketing Interaction and Consumer Behaviour Research Group (MICB), and Business Ecosystems Research Group (BERG).

We have developed dedicated undergraduate and postgradudate programmes in marketing. Our students are taught using state-of-the-art methods utilising excellent teaching spaces and facilities, including a Behavioural Lab for experiments, and an Innovation Pod for method training.

If you have any questions about the Department of Marketing, please do not hesitate to contact us: Professor Yasmin Ibrahim (Head of the Department of Marketing).

Our specialist programmes respond to technological innovation, platformization, changing market demands and disruptive challenges with an emphasis on the digital/data economy. Our international faculty are specialists in Network Marketing, Digital Analytics, Communication Strategies, Consumer Behaviour and critical approaches. With an international approach to the curriculum, we value the richness and plurality of a global classroom.
— Professor Yasmin Ibrahim, Head of Department

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