News story: NHS70: Q & A with Professor Steve Thornton
2 July 2018

Professor Steve Thornton is Vice Principal (Health) at Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry, Queen Mary University of London. In celebration of the NHS’s 70th birthday this week, Professor Thornton has taken part in a Q & A to explain how we work alongside the NHS and help support the organisation’s work through education and research.

News story: Queen Mary neutrino research on show at Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition
30 June 2018

One of the big unsolved mysteries in physics is what happened to all the antimatter after the Big Bang - the answer may lie in neutrinos.

News story: Queen Mary welcomes university staff from 16 countries across the globe
29 June 2018

Queen Mary University of London hosted its first Erasmus+ Staff Training Week at the Mile End Campus last week, which was attended by participants from 24 higher education institutions in 16 different countries.

News story: Movie Pirates of the Caribbean: Illegal streaming platforms vulnerable to copyright enforcers
29 June 2018

Fifty-eight per cent of a new kind of online video piracy is based in just two locations making them more vulnerable to copyright enforcers than previously thought, according to research by Queen Mary University of London.

News story: ‘Lower status’ people more likely to share wealth than ‘higher status’ people
28 June 2018

When playing an economic game those that were assigned as ‘lower status’ were more likely to share their wealth than their ‘higher status’ counterparts, according to a new study at Queen Mary University of London.

News story: Charles de Gaulle – the unlikely prophet of Brexit
27 June 2018

Professor Julian Jackson, a leading historian at Queen Mary University of London, has published a new book on Charles de Gaulle, A Certain Idea of France, which sheds new light on one of the most famous figures in French history.

Scalpel Close-up by Ioannis Papadopoulos News story: Images bring out the beauty in Life Sciences
26 June 2018

A dentistry postgraduate student from Queen Mary University of London has won the 2018 Life Science Image awards with a photograph titled ‘Scalpel Close-up’.

News story: Queen Mary spinout secures £2m to export toothpaste technology to China
26 June 2018

A Queen Mary University of London spinout has secured a licence agreement with a leading Chinese toothpaste manufacturer, which should generate sales of £2m over the next five years.  


News story: Queen Mary students compete in prestigious drone competition
25 June 2018

Students from Queen Mary University of London’s Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) society have competed in the UAS Challenge 2018 - a leading annual student competition in the aerospace sector.

Queen Mary launches International Centre for Teaching and Learning in China News story: Queen Mary opens international teaching and learning centre in China
25 June 2018

Queen Mary University of London has opened an International Centre for Teaching and Learning (ICTL) with one of China’s top universities, Northwestern Polytechnical University (NPU).


News story: Barts and Queen Mary Science Festival inspires next generation of scientists
25 June 2018

A festival aimed at secondary schools and young people interested in a career in science and medicine was held at Queen Mary University of London’s Mile End campus on 20 June.

News story: Queen Mary joins the Global Federation of Competitiveness Councils
25 June 2018

Queen Mary is cementing its position as an international leader through joining the Global Federation of Competitiveness Councils (GFCC), a global network of leaders and organisations committed to driving innovation, productivity and prosperity.


News story: Meet Queen Mary’s Parliamentary Placement Students
25 June 2018

This year will see the graduation of another group of Queen Mary students who have been lucky enough to get the chance to work closely with MPs from all parties as part of their course. We caught up with some of them to learn more about the experience.

News story: American swamp sparrows have sung the same songs for more than 1,000 years
20 June 2018

American swamp sparrows may have sung the same songs for more than 1,000 years and passed them on through generations by learning, according to researchers at Queen Mary University of London, Imperial College London and Duke University.

Women In Parliament. Photograph by: Dani Harvey News story: Women’s Voices in Parliament symposium comes to Queen Mary
15 June 2018

Symposium marks the 100th anniversary since women were granted the right to vote in UK parliamentary elections.

News story: New research reveals salads could be damaging our health
15 June 2018

Action on Salt, an expert group based at Queen Mary University of London, has revealed that ready to eat salads could be damaging our health.

News story: Queen Mary researchers develop a new way to forecast future economic growth
14 June 2018

Researchers from Queen Mary University of London have developed a new indicator, based on stock index options prices, which can be used to predict future economic growth.

Queen Mary InQUBEate team working with a mentor News story: Queen Mary entrepreneurs supported by £50,000 Santander Universities fund
14 June 2018

Queen Mary University of London has been awarded a grant of £50,000 as part of Santander Universities Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Fund.

News story: First clinical trial to recognise the needs of severely disabled MS patients
14 June 2018

A new clinical trial testing a disease-modifying drug for multiple sclerosis (MS) will be the first in the world to recognise the importance of wheelchair users retaining the use of their hands.

News story: Type 2 diabetes linked to higher rate of Parkinson’s
13 June 2018

People with type 2 diabetes are 32 per cent more likely to develop Parkinson’s disease than those without diabetes, finds a new study by Queen Mary University of London, UCL and University of Oxford.

News story: One in five British mammals face extinction
13 June 2018

Almost one in five of British mammal species face a high risk of extinction, according to the first comprehensive review of their populations for more than 20 years launched by The Mammal Society and Natural England, and involving Queen Mary University of London.

News story: Clever bees can identify different flowers by patterns of scent
13 June 2018

Bumblebees can tell flowers apart by patterns of scent, according to new research involving Queen Mary University of London and led by the University of Bristol.

News story: Inaugural Arts and Culture Lecture takes place at Queen Mary
11 June 2018

Lecture marked the start of Dr Maria Balshaw’s honorary professorship at Queen Mary University of London.

Queen Mary is expanding is LLM offering in Paris News story: Queen Mary launches new technology programme in Paris
11 June 2018

Queen Mary University of London will be the first UK institution to launch a Master of Laws (LLM) programme in Technology, Media and Telecommunications Law in Paris.

News story: Expert evidence from Queen Mary lawyer used in two landmark legal rulings by the European Court of Human Rights
8 June 2018

Evidence from Dr Crofton Black, a visiting lecturer at Queen Mary University of London, was influential in two legal judgements ruling that Lithuania and Romania were complicit in CIA torture programmes.

News story: Schools join research into the effect of air pollution on children’s health
8 June 2018

Over 3,000 primary school children in polluted areas of London and Luton will have their lung health monitored over a four-year period in a new international study led by Queen Mary University of London, launched today by the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan at Netley Primary School.

News story: David Cameron failed to convince European leaders that the UK could vote Leave
6 June 2018

Speaking at the Mile End Institute at Queen Mary University of London last night, Andrew Cooper, former pollster to the Remain campaign during the EU referendum, said that David Cameron had struggled in negotiations to persuade other EU leaders that he might lose the 2016 referendum.

News story: New lab technology could reveal treatments for muscle-wasting disease
6 June 2018

Researchers from Queen Mary University of London have developed new cell-based technologies which could improve understanding of the muscle-wasting disease Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) and test potential drugs for the disease.

News story: Immigrant and disadvantaged children benefit most from early childcare, according to new study
5 June 2018

Attending universal childcare from age three significantly improves the school readiness of children from immigrant and disadvantaged family backgrounds.

News story: Scientists develop material that could regenerate dental enamel
1 June 2018

Researchers at Queen Mary University of London have developed a new way to grow mineralised materials which could regenerate hard tissues such as dental enamel and bone.