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News story: Researchers display their innovations at Wearable Technology Show
12 March 2015

Wearable technologies, including a bag that tracks what’s in it, a jacket that helps people make introductions and a necklace that connects people in long-distance relationships, are among innovations being demonstrated by QMUL researchers at the Wearable Technology Show 2015.

News story: CARDIS, a new European effort targeting mobile early-stage cardio vascular disease detection
12 March 2015

QMUL has partnered with imec, Medtronic, Ghent University and others to launch the CARDIS project. Together they will develop and validate an early-stage cardiovascular disease detection platform using integrated silicon photonics.

News story: New findings on ‘key players’ in brain inflammation
6 March 2015

Inflammation is the immune system’s natural reaction to an ‘aggressor’ in the body or an injury, but if the inflammatory response is too strong it becomes harmful. For example, inflammation in the brain occurs when a person has a stroke, or when suffering from neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

An artist's representation of how GJ 581d might look News story: ‘Habitable’ planet GJ 581d previously dismissed as noise probably does exist
6 March 2015

A report published in Science has dismissed claims made last year that the first super-Earth planet discovered in the habitable zone of a distant star was ‘stellar activity masquerading as planets’.

News story: Report on impact of terrorist listing launched at QMUL
4 March 2015

A major report into terrorist listing and conflict transformation was launched at an event at QMUL’s School of Law by the International State Crime Initiative (ISCI).

News story: Global health systems neglect treating three billion people with tooth decay
4 March 2015

Billions of people across the globe are suffering the consequences of untreated tooth decay (cavities) – which include toothache and dental abscesses – according to new research published in the Journal of Dental Research.

News story: QMUL supports Innovate UK wearables challenge
4 March 2015

The Innovate UK IC Tomorrow competition is offering up to £35,000 to small companies to work with expert partners, including QMUL, to find solutions to challenges in the wearable technologies market.

News story: QMUL Drama student has song chosen for BBC Radio 1 playlist
3 March 2015

A final year Drama student at QMUL has had her song selected for the BBC Radio 1 playlist.

News story: Bees form false memories just like humans
27 February 2015

In the same way that humans sometimes remember things that didn’t actually occur, researchers have found that bees also misremember. False memories have never been observed in non-human animals before.

News story: Global health experts call into question sub-Saharan cancer data
27 February 2015

Global health experts believe the current data on cancer prevalence, incidence and mortality in sub-Saharan Africa – which determines how billions of pounds of international development money is spent – are weak and could mean vital funds are being deflected from other priorities. These include diarrhoeal and waterborne diseases, malnutrition, sanitation and the need to strengthen health systems.  

News story: QMUL announces new MSc partnership with Kew
26 February 2015

From September 2015 QMUL will be offering a new MSc Plant and Fungal Taxonomy, Diversity and Conservation in collaboration with the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew.

News story: QMUL retained as one of 11 UK universities recognised for Singapore Bar
26 February 2015

QMUL’s School of Law is now one of only 11 UK university law departments recognised for purposes of admission to the Singapore Bar.

News story: Multiple sclerosis teacher at QMUL to appear on Comic Relief’s Strictly Come Dancing
25 February 2015

A person with MS who works with QMUL to talk about her experience of the condition has been selected to appear in a special Comic Relief edition of Strictly Come Dancing.

News story: QMUL Historian Amanda Vickery presents BBC series on the suffragettes
23 February 2015

Oppression, discrimination, and the unrelenting courage of forgotten heroines. In a major new series for the BBC, renowned historian Professor Amanda Vickery tells the story of Britain’s longest war; the suffragettes’ 300 year-long campaign for equality. CC BY-ND 2.0 News story: New QMUL app uses Twitter comments to give real-time film reviews
20 February 2015

A new app, called Reel Reviews, which uses sophisticated computer analysis of comments from users on Twitter to give up-to-the-minute film ratings has been launched just in time for the Oscars.

News story: QMUL and Takeda announce research collaboration to develop new therapies in gastroenterology
20 February 2015

Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) and Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited today announced a major research collaboration aiming to define new insights and develop novel therapies in gastroenterology.

News story: Cheap solar cells made from shrimp shells
19 February 2015

Researchers at QMUL have successfully created electricity-generating solar-cells with chemicals found in the shells of shrimps and other crustaceans for the first time.

News story: QMUL student shortlisted for national volunteering award
18 February 2015

A Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) medicine student has been shortlisted for a national volunteering award after creating a project to help chronically ill young children.

News story: New HPV vaccine offers greater protection against cervical cancer than current vaccine
18 February 2015

Scientists have developed a new HPV (human papilloma virus) vaccine which protects against nine types of the virus – seven of which cause most cases of cervical cancer. The new vaccine offers significantly greater protection than the current vaccine, which protects against only two cancer causing types of HPV.

News story: Changing stem cell structure may help fight obesity
16 February 2015

Scientists have found that reducing the size of tiny hair like structures on stem cells stops them turning into fat. The discovery could be used to develop a way of preventing obesity.

News story: Scientists tackle issue of how to get a first date in a digital world
13 February 2015

An online profile name beginning with letters A-M is as important as an attractive photo and fluent headline when it comes to being successful in the world of online dating, according to scientists.

News story: QMUL Professor collaborates on Singapore music and mathematics conference
13 February 2015

Professor Elaine Chew from QMUL’s Centre for Digital Music is invited convener of, and speaker and performer at, a unique international workshop to be hosted at the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music in Singapore.

News story: Centre of the Cell hosts half-term science fun
12 February 2015

100-year-old killer diseases and an interactive show about the heart come to Centre of the Cell, QMUL’s science education pod in Whitechapel, this half-term.

News story: ‘Stressed’ young bees could be the cause of colony collapse
9 February 2015

Pressure on young bees to grow up too fast could be a major factor in explaining the disastrous declines in bee populations seen worldwide.

News story: UK Judge on European Court of Human Rights says Court must change to remain effective
6 February 2015

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) must continue to change if it is to remain effective, according to Judge Paul Mahoney, the UK Judge on the ECHR. Judge Mahoney was speaking at an event organised by the Human Rights Collegium at Queen Mary University of London.

News story: Get involved with Green Mary Week
6 February 2015

We could all be a little bit greener and next week should be the perfect opportunity to start.

News story: QMUL PhD student exhibits tactile music chair for deaf people
6 February 2015

Robert Jack, a PhD student on the Media and Arts Technology programme at QMUL took his audio tactile furniture to the Incloodu Deaf Arts Festival.

News story: QMUL and UCL agree to establish new institute to tackle cardiovascular disease
4 February 2015

Queen Mary University of London and UCL have agreed to establish a joint Cardiovascular Institute to rise to the global challenge of cardiovascular disease.

News story: New research reveals one in two people in the UK will get cancer
4 February 2015

New research has predicted one in two people in the UK will develop cancer at some point in their lives, according to the most accurate forecast to date from Queen Mary University of London and Cancer Research UK.

L-R: Nida Iqbal, Sadia Rehman and Maliha Asad helped with the fundraising News story: Students raise nearly £50,000 for charity
3 February 2015

QMUL students raised a remarkable £46,779.44 for the international charity Islamic Relief.

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