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News story: Clinical trial shows first ever positive results in treating primary progressive and relapsing multiple sclerosis
20 October 2015

QMUL researchers’ study shows positive results when treating both primary progressive and relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis with the drug ocrelizumab.

News story: Professor Steve Thornton appointed as Vice Principal (Health)
15 October 2015

QMUL has announced the appointment of Professor Steve Thornton as Vice Principal (Health) and Executive Dean of the Barts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry. Professor Thornton joins QMUL from the University of Exeter and will take up his post from January 2015.

News story: East London Genes and Health celebrates 4,000th study participant
14 October 2015

East London Genes & Health, the world’s largest community based genetics study, is celebrating its first milestone with 4,000 local participants taking part so far.

News story: Researchers awarded £3.5m grant to improve prevention of tuberculosis (TB) in South African schoolchildren
12 October 2015

The Medical Research Council (MRC) has awarded a grant of £3.5m to researchers from Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) and University of Cape Town (UCT) to carry out a trial to determine whether a weekly vitamin D supplement can prevent tuberculosis (TB) in South African primary school children.

News story: QMUL researcher nominated for Women in Science and Engineering Award
5 October 2015

Professor Amrita Ahluwalia has been nominated in the research category in the awards that recognise those who lead the way for women in science, technology, engineering and maths.

News story: Mobile miracles, trusting the under-30s and job creation - QMUL launches its Inaugural Lecture series
5 October 2015

How did scientists create the miracles behind the technology we take for granted, what problems did generational conflict pose in 1960s Germany and how can economists create better jobs?

News story: Professor Jack Cuzick receives American Cancer Society Medal of Honor
1 October 2015

Leading QMUL cancer researcher Professor Jack Cuzick has been given a prestigious award for his contributions to clinical research.

News story: New study removes cancer doubt for Multiple sclerosis drug
1 October 2015

Researchers from Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) are calling on the medical community to reconsider developing a known drug to treat people with relapsing Multiple sclerosis (MS) after new evidence shows it does not increase the risk of cancer as previously thought.

News story: QMUL in top 100 universities in the world
1 October 2015

QMUL rose eight places in Times Higher Education World University Ranking to 98th in the world and is ranked 16th in the UK.

News story: Self-assembling material that grows and changes shape could lead to artificial arteries
28 September 2015

Researchers at QMUL have developed a way of assembling organic molecules into complex tubular tissue-like structures without the use of moulds or techniques like 3D printing.

Carla Valentine. Photo credit: Teri Pengilley News story: Barts Pathology Museum's technical curator wins Major Contribution to the Understanding of Death Award
25 September 2015

Carla Valentine, technical curator at Barts Pathology Museum, has won the Major Contribution to the Understanding of Death Award at the Good Funeral Awards 2015 thanks to her work engaging with the public.

News story: Budding student entrepreneurs pitch ideas at QMUL’s 3 Day Start-up event
22 September 2015

QMUL’s Careers and Enterprise Centre hosted their third 3 Day Start-up (3DS) boot camp over the summer which encouraged students to improve their entrepreneurial skills in the real world by developing companies over the course of three days.  

QMUL President and Principal Simon Gaskell and Professor Wang Jinsong, President of NPU News story: QMUL signs major strategic collaboration with China’s Northwestern Polytechnical University
21 September 2015

Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) has signed a major strategic collaboration agreement with Northwestern Polytechnical University (NPU), based in Xi’an, China, to develop teaching and research partnerships and faculty and student exchange, initially in the areas of Materials Science and Engineering.

News story: Fifty-year old drug is best in resistant hypertension
21 September 2015

Researchers from QMUL, working with other institutions, have found that a diuretic drug that has been in use for over fifty years could be the most effective treatment for a particularly high risk form of high blood pressure.

News story: Study finds people’s conservative and liberal traits show up in their Twitter vocabulary
16 September 2015

A study of nearly a million tweets from over 10,000 Twitter users has found that liberals swear more, conservatives are more likely to talk about religion, and liberals use more individual words like "me" while conservatives opt more for the group-oriented "us".

News story: Government praises QMUL’s support for school computing teachers
11 September 2015

Minister of State for Schools, Nick Gibb MP, has written to QMUL’s Principal, Professor Simon Gaskell, to thank him for the university’s contribution to the Network of Teaching Excellence in Computing Science supporting school teachers.

News story: Pancreatic cancer stem cells could be "suffocated” by an anti-diabetic drug
10 September 2015

A new study shows that pancreatic cancer stem cells (PancSCs) are virtually addicted to oxygen-based metabolism, and could be “suffocated” with a drug already used to treat diabetes.

News story: England could eradicate Bovine TB if it adopted Welsh or Scottish tactics
9 September 2015

New research by the team that previously showed that testing was more effective than badger culling at controlling Bovine Tuberculosis, have found the tactics currently employed by the Welsh and Scottish, but not English, authorities are leading to disease reduction.

News story: Understanding of complex networks could help unify gravity and quantum mechanics
9 September 2015

Mathematicians investigating one of science’s great questions – How to unite the physics of the very big with that of the very small – have discovered that when the understanding of complex networks such as the brain or the internet is applied to geometry the results match up with quantum behaviour.

News story: Olympian Kate Richardson-Walsh officially opens new dental outreach clinic in Stratford
4 September 2015

Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) and Barts Health NHS Trust are delighted to officially open their new dental outreach centre in Stratford, set in the heart of the Olympic Park.

News story: QMUL lecturer wins at BMA Medical Book awards
4 September 2015

The textbook Medical Sciences 2nd Edition published by Elsevier has just won first prize in the British Medical Associations medical book awards in the category of Basic and clinical sciences. The book was edited by Dr Jeannette Naish from QMUL’s Wolfson Institute of Preventive Medicine and Dr Denise Syndercombe Court a QMUL honorary fellow.

The QMSU Olympic Legacy Project News story: QMUL projects shortlisted for Times Higher Education Awards 2015
3 September 2015

Two QMUL projects have been shortlisted for the Times Higher Education Awards 2015 which are due to take place on 26 November.

News story: Game on! Centre of the Cell holds its first game development workshop for young science communicators
1 September 2015

Centre of the Cell opened its doors to a group of young Londoners to run a full day of game development activities. Twelve 14-18 year olds were invited to evaluate existing games, test new games in the making, and even come up with some game ideas of their own.

Credit: Elizabeth Clare/QMUL News story: First imagery from echolocation reveals new signals for hunting bats
1 September 2015

The ability of some bats to spot motionless prey in the dark has baffled experts until now. By creating the first visual images from echolocation, researchers reveal we have been missing how bats sense their world.

News story: New approach to tackling uncontrolled high blood pressure shows significant results
27 August 2015

Scientists from Queen Mary University of London and Barts Health NHS Trust have successfully improved blood pressure control among patients with severe intolerance to antihypertensive medication – by using medicines in unconventional ways and treating patients with a ‘stepped care’ approach (where the most effective yet least intensive treatment is delivered to patients first).

News story: QMUL microwave pioneer to receive prestigious Sir Frank Whittle Medal
26 August 2015

Internationally renowned British microwave engineer Professor Peter Clarricoats, who worked at QMUL for nearly 50 years, is to receive one of the Royal Academy of Engineering’s highest accolades, the Sir Frank Whittle Medal, for his influential achievements.

News story: QMUL historian shines a new light on the life and legacy of Edmund Burke
24 August 2015

A new book from acclaimed historian Professor Richard Bourke chronicles the extraordinary life of Edmund Burke (1730-97), a leading philosopher and statesman of the eighteenth century.

News story: High sugar consumption among children relates to poor family functioning, study finds
21 August 2015

The quality of general family functioning is a major determinant of healthy dietary habits – according to new research published in the Journal of Caries Research and led by Queen Mary University of London.

News story: QMUL announces free advice service for start-up businesses and entrepreneurs
20 August 2015

Queen Mary University of London has announced details of a free business advice scheme for start-ups and entrepreneurs in London. Based at QMUL’s School of Economics and Finance, qNomics will provide expert consultancy to fledgling businesses in the financial and technological sectors.

News story: Humanities researchers at QMUL awarded £1.6 million for major study on emotional health
18 August 2015

What is the perfect recipe for 'emotional health', and who decides which emotions we should feel in order to be healthy? These are among the questions that will be explored by a team of researchers at QMUL’s Centre for the History of the Emotions, as part of a major new research programme funded by a Humanities and Social Science Collaborative Award from the Wellcome Trust.

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