News story: Queen Mary student team to build robotic wheelchair for Cybathlon 2020
3 May 2018

A team of science and engineering students from Queen Mary University of London will design a robotic wheelchair with a plan to compete in Cybathlon 2020 - a global competition for people with disabilities.

News story: Celebrate all that is east London at the 2018 Festival of Communities
2 May 2018

The annual Tower Hamlets Festival of Communities returns for 2018 exploring living and learning across our borough.

Children taking part in the vitamin D study in Punjab, Pakistan News story: Vitamin D improves weight gain and brain development in malnourished children
2 May 2018

High dose vitamin D supplements improve weight gain and the development of language and motor skills in malnourished children, according to a study led by Queen Mary University of London and University of the Punjab, Pakistan.

News story: Nearly a quarter of Londoners think they will leave the city within five years, according to new poll
1 May 2018

A new poll conducted for the Mile End Institute at Queen Mary University of London has revealed that 22 per cent of Londoners do not think they will be living in the city in five years’ time with a further 17 per cent unsure whether they would stay.

News story: Question is finally settled over link between salt intake and raised blood pressure
1 May 2018

A new review by Action on Salt, based at Queen Mary University of London, has challenged previous studies that cast doubt on the importance of reducing salt intake on public health.

News story: Labour remain on course for success in forthcoming local elections
26 April 2018

The Labour party is set for its best performance in 40 years in the forthcoming local elections, despite a three per cent decline in support, according to a new poll conducted for the Mile End Institute at Queen Mary University of London.

QChallenge students from the Kuala Lumpur programme News story: Students visit Kuala Lumpur and Stockholm to tackle major global challenge
26 April 2018

This April, 80 students from Queen Mary University of London travelled to either Kuala Lumpur or Stockholm for a four-day programme that explored the global challenge: ‘How do smart cities ensure they are inclusive?

News story: From medieval to modern: Manuscript digitisation workshop takes place
25 April 2018

Queen Mary University of London has joined forces with Cambridge University Library to organise a week-long workshop on digitising medieval manuscripts.

Construction of Neuron Pod News story: Construction starts on giant ‘nerve cell’ in London’s East End
20 April 2018

Construction has begun on ‘Neuron Pod’ - a striking 23-metre long and 10-metre high free-standing structure which will be used as an informal science learning centre at Queen Mary University of London’s Whitechapel campus.

News story: Technology network awarded funding to capture musculoskeletal degeneration
20 April 2018

Queen Mary University of London - as part of a group of universities, hospitals and research centres - has been awarded funding to create a network seeking to develop new, high energy imaging methods to capture the dynamic biochemical and biophysical processes in biological samples.

News story: Queen Mary welcomes new Visiting Fellows from around the world
19 April 2018

Queen Mary University of London is set to host three British Academy Visiting Fellows from Belgium, Nigeria and Canada.

News story: Genocide against Rohingya in its final stage according to report
18 April 2018

The International State Crime Initiative (ISCI) at Queen Mary University of London reports that the Myanmar Rohingya are now suffering the final stages of genocide. ISCI warns that unless the international community takes urgent, meaningful action, the Myanmar Rohingya will be eliminated.​

Plodia interpunctella News story: Competition between males improves resilience against climate change
18 April 2018

Animal species with males who compete intensively for mates might be more resilient to the effects of climate change, according to research by Queen Mary University of London.

News story: Queen Mary staff and students set to run London Marathon
17 April 2018

Multiple members of staff and students from Queen Mary University of London will run in the 2018 London Marathon on April 22 to raise money for their nominated charities.

Organ-on-a-Chip Device; Credit Emulate, Inc. News story: Queen Mary awarded funding to establish organ-on-a-chip UK network
16 April 2018

Queen Mary University of London has been awarded funding to lead a UK network in the development of ‘Organ-on-a-chip’ devices.

News story: Queen Mary ‘Pint of Science’ brings scientists out of the lab and in to your local pub
12 April 2018

Scientists from Queen Mary University of London will be taking part in the 2018 Pint of Science festival from 14 to 16 May.

News story: New book release from Dr Yasmin Ibrahim: Calais and its Border Politics
11 April 2018

Queen Mary’s Dr Yasmin Ibrahim has published a new book, "Calais and its Border Politics: From Control to Demolition", with Dr Anita Howarth from Brunel University.

Babirusas are typically found in Wallacea News story: Wildlife haven of Sulawesi much younger than first thought, new research reveals
11 April 2018

Scientists at Queen Mary University of London and Oxford University have shed light on the origins of some of South-East Asia’s most iconic and unique wildlife; the ‘deer-pig’, ‘warty pig’ and the ‘miniature buffalo.’

News story: Queen Mary set to take part in Tate Exchange
10 April 2018

Queen Mary University of London is set to take part in Tate Exchange (1 - 6 May 2018) and is organising a week-long set of activities centred on the theme of arts and well-being.

News story: Queen Mary School of Law Shortlisted for Prestigious Pro Bono Award
9 April 2018

Queen Mary University of London School of Law, has been shortlisted for the prestigious LawWorks and Attorney General Student Awards 2018, in the category ‘Best Contribution by a Law School.’

News story: Queen Mary academics awarded prestigious British Academy Postdoctoral Fellowships
9 April 2018

Queen Mary University of London academics from the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences have been awarded British Academy Postdoctoral Fellowships for their research. The British Academy is an independent fellowship of world-leading scholars and researchers.

Goldman Sachs Degree Apprentices News story: London sees second lowest number of apprenticeship starts, research reveals
6 April 2018

Queen Mary University of London and The Good Schools Guide have today launched an Apprenticeships Anthology to mark a year since the introduction of the Apprenticeship Levy, the largest reform to apprenticeships that the Government has ever made.

Dr Tina Chowdhury News story: Storytelling project for engineers and young east Londoners wins funding
5 April 2018

A Queen Mary University of London project which aims to give engineers the skills to create digital stories about how their work can improve the world has received funding from the Ingenious Awards.

Sophie Harman News story: Queen Mary academic recognised for political research excellence
29 March 2018

A learned organisation, the Political Studies Association (PSA), has awarded Dr Sophie Harman, Reader in International Politics at Queen Mary University of London a prize to recognise achievement by a mid-career scholar.

News story: New project to transform treatment for children with arthritis
28 March 2018

Researchers from Queen Mary University of London will join a UK-wide effort to drive the development of new treatments for children and young people with juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA) and its associated eye-inflammation condition, uveitis.

News story: Queen Mary researcher helps develop rollercoaster which charges your phone
28 March 2018

A researcher from Queen Mary University of London has used his expertise in energy harvesting applications to help develop a rollercoaster which charges your phone.

News story: Increase in number of places for local medical students
26 March 2018

Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry at Queen Mary University of London has been allocated an additional 32 new places for medical students, which will provide new opportunities for students from the local area.

News story: Conference to explore legal challenges facing the games and interactive entertainment industry
26 March 2018

More Than Just a Game (MTJG) brings together top legal and gaming experts from around the world to explore emerging challenges in the gaming industry.


News story: Tuberculosis awareness animation launched for World TB Day
23 March 2018

A new health promotion tool has been launched to inform people about latent tuberculosis (TB) and engage migrant communities with local NHS testing and treatment.

News story: New drug reduces progression of disability in multiple sclerosis
23 March 2018

A new drug is the first to slow the progression of disability in secondary progressive multiple sclerosis – a severe form of the disease for which there is currently no treatment to prevent progression.